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Football coach Kit Carson died of brain injury in crash

Michael "Kit" Carson was killed in a car crash on the first day of his trial for sex abuse charges.

Simon Dobbin: Football fans raise money to watch "beloved game"

The money will buy a TV and subscription so the injured fan can watch his "beloved" football team.

Antarctic krill: Key food source moves south

A warming climate shifts the distribution of the krill species eaten by whales and other predators.

Hot air balloon unexpected landing in Peterborough

Residents "mucked in" to help the pilot roll up the balloon after it landed in the middle of a road.

Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival entertains crowds

The Cambridgeshire festival is thought to date back more than a century.

'I'm mixed-race, is Cambridge University right for me?'

Anoushka has been offered a place at Cambridge. But she's mixed race and worries she won't fit in. Should she accept the offer?

Marie Kondo: Are charity shops feeling the effect?

Shops say they have seen a spike in donations since the Netflix de-cluttering show launched.

Colin Daniel: Burton Albion sign Peterborough United defender on 18-month deal

Burton Albion sign defender Colin Daniel from fellow League One side Peterborough United on an 18-month contract.